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Established in 1990, JSW Plastic Machinery, Inc. has developed an extensive technical knowledge base in plastics technology to become a leader in all-electric molding equipment.  The company branched out from its parent, The Japan Steel Works, Ltd, which was founded in 1907.   As its name suggests, JSW began as a domestic producer of stell products in Japan.

Leading the growth and advancement of technology and innovation in plastics machinery for over 50 years, JSW provides a full line of injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models and offering ease of operation, safety, and environmental-friendly improvements such as energy and space saving features.

More over, JSW offers technical support in line with customer needs, including consulting and systems for factory automation.  Our production and research facility, Hiroshima Plant, conducts research on machine element technologies with a view to upgrading the performance and quality of injection molding and plastics processing machinery.  It also conducts research to develop key products for the next century, such as magnesium molding machines and waste recycling equipment.

JSW never ceases to seek improvement of product functions from every aspect, including productivity, quality, energy savings and FMS capability, while seeking reliability and durability in its products.  the high value-added, high functional all-electric injection molding equipment JSW produces is making a major contribution to all sectors of the plastics industry.


JT-AD Vertical Machines


Syscom5000i Controller

* Available on JADS Series machines

* Android based touch 15" screen display

* Easy to understand operation process display

* Molding condition memo

* I/O customized function

* On screen instruction manual

Our super-advanced all-electric vertical type injection molding machine is faster, more precise, and more compact, all to meet the needs of today's plastics industry.

The JT-AD series machines are evolving to match the needs of today and beyond: They display high productivity on in-line assembly. Using the advanced technologies that have been fostered for many years and are unique to JSW, we have created machines that achieve high-precision injection molding.

The J-ADS Series is latest generation of compact molding machines from JSW continues to lead the injection molding industry.  J-ADS Series of machines offers unmatched shot-to-shot consistancy and incredible reliability.  Faster and even more accurate, the J-ADS Series assures the highest level of productivity and repeatability. Available in 30 tons to 180 tons.

The J-ADS Series is latest generation of mid-size injection molding machines from JSW continues to lead the injection molding machine industry. The J-ADS Series of machine offers unmatched shot-to-shot consistency and incredible reliability. 56 years of injection molding expertise results in a robust, consistent, and precise top tier machine that you can depend on to keep your business in operation.

JSW, one of the industry's original leading companies, has extensive experience in manufacturing large electric injection molding machines. Our recently released, second-generation large electric servo drive molding machine promises to deliver measurable improvements in productivity, quality, and economy. Available in 550 - 1800 tons.

J-ADS Medium Machines

J-AD Large Machines

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